2022 Beijing auto parts and processing technology exhibition


The audience mainly comes from FAW Group, Tesla, Beijing Benz, brilliance BMW, Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, BAIC holdings, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC Group, BAIC Futian, GAC group, BYD, Chery, great wall, Xiali, Geely, Hafei, Lifan, Shenlong, Jiangnan, Hongta, youth skylark, Jilin Tongtian, Zhengzhou Yutong Auman heavy truck and other hundreds of automobile manufacturers visited and discussed. At the same time, the "modern international automobile manufacturing equipment innovation forum" was held, which was praised by industry organizations and relevant government agencies.

As one belt, one road vehicle is developing rapidly, auto parts are more important today. It is also the strategic opportunity period of "China made 2025". It is a carrier of the support for the development of vehicle manufacturing, and it gives full play to the new responsibilities of the "China made 2025" important carrier. Due to the characteristics of market demand and exhibits, the auto parts exhibition has made rapid progress in recent years. Under the environment of vigorously promoting new energy vehicles, the upgrading of parts has become a new market. The exhibition covers almost all core system manufacturers of automobile manufacturing; Through a large number of vivid on-site activities, exhibitors flexibly displayed a large number of advanced automobile manufacturing and all links of the whole industrial chain. In 2022, the exhibition will cover more new products and technologies to be displayed to the world in the Chinese market, and the exhibits will be richer than those in the past.

Famous exhibitors at home and abroad include Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Magna, bentler, Hella, Ningde times, Schaeffler, Mahler, Connie Electromechanical, Yutong, Lear, Aisin precision machinery, Roma, Dongfeng auto parts, abb, Siemens, Beijing Automotive Research Institute, KUKA, Tianqi model, OSRAM, lega optoelectronics, yinbaoshan NEW, duer, stauber Panasonic, KOMA, China Automotive Engineering, FAW equipment, Guangzhou mingluo, Juyi automation, Chengdu welding Baoma, Lam equipment, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Schuler, Komatsu, pingtian machinist, Eisenman, Omron, Phoenix, Dalian machine tool, Jinan Erji, Beijing Electromechanical institute, Wuhan Huagong, Weichai Power, Han nationality, Shougang, Futian Daimler, etc. To China (Beijing) International Auto Parts Exhibition Exhibitor hotline: 177 4355 0392

This exhibition attracts domestic and foreign auto parts industry giants to gather in Beijing. Authoritative experts deeply analyze the development situation of auto parts in China, introduce the upstream and downstream industries, key technologies and equipment progress of auto manufacturing industry dominated by auto parts, guide enterprises to extend the industrial chain, and realize the transformation of world auto parts enterprises into intelligent, integrated, modular, systematic Electrification and other emerging sectors and vehicle manufacturers have carried out supporting transformation at the same time, "consolidate the foundation and improve the brand", "accelerate innovation integration to build the cornerstone of a powerful country", "promote industrial collaboration to build a new ecology" and "strengthen standard construction to achieve standardized development", explore new ideas, research new methods and build a new pattern. Caps is rooted in China and extends to the world, Interpret the first trade show of China's automobile manufacturing, focus on the development hotspots of the industry, solve the relevant problems faced by the industry, and then promote industrial integration and upgrading.